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Drivers Daily Log Customer Support - Click on this this will take you back to the main page at Driver Daily Log Customer Support Web

Register - Will take you to the Registration Screen

Login - This will take you to the Login Screen, complete your user name and password word. Putting a check in the check box to remember you password requires that you have cookies enable on your computer.  If you forget your password, click on forgot password.

Search - Clicking on Search will open a search page, You can do different searches, for users, or topics.

Main Forum Area - Here you will find a list of all then Forums available. In  Column  #1 you will see to a mail envelope that will be yellow when there are new messages in that forum, (gray when there is nothing new since the last time you visited.) Column # 2 list all the Forums and a brief description of what type of messages go there. To view the message in a Forum, simple click on the Forum Name (in red). i.e. Bug Report. Column # 3 is Post, this tell you how many post (messages) are in that Forum. Column # 4 is Thread, a thread is a reply to a post, so you might have 2 post (messages) but have 50 threads, as each person replies to the Post. This way you can follow a topic or discussion.  Example: I post a bug report on the following topic " DDL will not add my signature"  so Nick or I or any one may post a thread, explaining how to add your signature to DDL,  Then another person also post a reply, saying how they do it, and so on and on..  The Main Post was "DDL will not add my signature" and the replies were threads.  To start a new topic,   Column # 5 is Last Post, this show and tell you when the last Post or Thread was made in that Forum, the date and Person who posted it, and the Subject.

To add a new Topic  just click "New Topic"

Fill out the information. If you put a check mark in "Subscribe to this thread" you will be notified by email when someone post a thread to this message. After completion the message click "Spell Check" then "Preview Post" to see how it will look. Then click on "Post Message" to post it to the forum.


When you open a Forum, then a Post, you will see a screen like below showing you the information on that 'Post', or 'Thread'.  To reply to this Post, or Thread click on the red.  "Reply" at the top middle. to view the next thread, click on "Next Thread" located in the bottom right corner of the screen. To back use the "Last Thread"