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Message Boards have the same basic design, there will be more bells and colors on them, but the all use the basic format of:

Secure Boards - You must enter a password to enter (A Private Board)

Log In/Register Boards - You must complete a registration form and submit it for approval, you will be  sent an email, (confirming that you used a valid email address) There will be a link in the email for you to click on. This is what we used.

To join just follow these steps.

Step 1.  Click on message board on the left side.

You will see the screen below.

Step 2. Click on Register, tab at the top Right.



Step 3. Complete the form (make sure you use a valid email address and that it is not blocked, or filtered) Note you can get a free email address from hotmail. Click Here   You will need to enter a user name, and password which you will enter each time you return to the message board. Click on the Submit Button

Step 4. In a few minutes check your email and you should find one from ddlsoftware.  Click on the Link confirming your registration.

Step 5. Return to the message board and Click on the Login top right next to Register, enter your user name and password.  Click on Login (Note: Click on the check box remember password to bypass this screen, in the future you will be taken directly into the main area.)

Step 6.  That's it.  You can begin posting, and reading new messages, you can reply to messages, and view other profiles, sending them private messages.  Below you will find information on how to post, view, follow threads.

Let's take a look at the main area on the message board.  Click on any area to see what it is and does.