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Instructions: Please select the correct radio button below, Use this form for all 'Request for Activation Codes ie New, Reactivation, 30 Day Trial, and 15 Day extension of trial'. Please complete all the information requested below. In order to issue an Activation Code. WE MUST HAVE YOUR INSTALLATIONID NUMBER. With out this we can not issue a Activation Code. Read the FAQ for information on how to find your InstallationID. Please update your version of DDL to the latest version before you submit this request. Your InstallationID number will change, so complete the download and install first. If you have a Print Module installed, download and updated that also. If you are an iTruck user then please contact Dennis and request an Activation Code.
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You can find your DDLID/Customer ID (example 12345) on your original email beside your name. If you have just purchased DDL, then you will NOT have a DDLID number yet, Please include your order number above. It will be an Order Confirmation, or PayPal Transaction number/receipt number Please PRINT and SAVE, your Order Confirmation/Transaction number. Please PRINT and SAVE the email from DDL you recieve with your DDLID number and ActivationCode, You will need this for customer support. If you do not have one of the above receipts, you could be required to re-purchase the software. You should receive your Activation Code by email within the next 12 to 48 hours. Please PRINT and SAVE this email as it will contain your DDLID needed for support. With out this proof, you could be required to re-purchase DDL software.